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── Who we are ──

The Federated Pentecostal Church International (FPCI) is an association which consists of a collection of movements and independent churches of the PENTECOSTAL FAITH and profession. It is federated together by virtue of a Certificate of International Federation. 

FPCI is not designed as an institution in which to iron out differences in doctrinal views, since we realize that such a federation would only prove to be a pool of doctrinal confusion. FPCI is over half a century old and has seen many changes since its beginnings.

── Our Bishops and Overseers ──

Bishop Craig Brown

Christ Holy Sanctified Church

Bishop Curtis Doakes

Northwest Convention

Pastor Sharon Travis-Shaw

United Interdenominational Prayer & Fellowship Association

Bishop Lois Sharpe

Holy Leadership Association

Bishop Harold Simms

Full Gospel Pentecostal 

Missionary Association

Bishop Curlee Robinson

House of Prayer For All Nations

Bishop  Richard Taylor, President

United Full gospel Church, USA

Bishop Raul Carrasquillo

Iglesia Ebenezer Pentecostal 

De Burien

── What we do ──

Women's Ministry

Youth Congress

Scholarship Program

Join us for this one day virtual conference

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